In every MMORPG the community eventually develops its own set of abbreviations and terminology for discussing the various elements of the game and to make it easier to say inside the game.

The following is a list of terms and their descriptions.

Terms Description
GZ Goonzu
Bgn / BGN Beginner (Books, Skill Books, ex Axe Manufacture[BGN]
Int / INT Intermediate (Books, Skill Books, ex Axe Manufacture[INT]
Adv / ADV Advance (Books, Skill Books, ex Axe Manufacture[ADV]
STR Strength (Stats)
AGI Agility (Stats)
DEX Dexterity (Stats)
INT Inteligence (Stats)
WIS  Wisdom (Stats)
VIT Vitality (Stats)
LCK Luck (Stats)
S> Selling (ex S> Battle Axe)
T> Trading / Exchange (ex T> Battle Axe for Battle Sword)
B> / WTB> Buying / Want to Buy (ex B> Buying Battle Axe)
JG Junk Grade (Usually, no one uses this)
PG Perfect Grade (Equipments)
MG Master Grade (Equipments)
FW Frost Wyrm (Equipment Tier / Armor Set)
GM Game Moderator
HP Health Points (When it reach 0, your character dies)
MP Magic Points
EXP Experience (When it reach 100% your character will level up)
RP / rp Reputation Points
Grinding A term used to describe the act of killing monsters in a long period of time.
Farming A term used for killing monsters for the sake if getting materials / item.
SP Skill Points

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