One of the first things you'll be shown in the game is a list of mentors to choose from. Mentors are actual players who are over level 50 and choose to help new and low level players. Being a mentor and being mentored are completely voluntary, and both are nice things to do for the community. Higher level players help low level players with information and sometimes equipment, whereas the mentee will automatically reward the mentor as they rise in level.

Mentor RewardsEdit

As a mentee levels up to a specific level, the mentor will receive items. These specific levels vary depending on what level the player became a mentee. The mentee will also receive rewards, but less than what the mentor receives.

Mentee Level Rewards
20 10 Priest Feathers
30 10 Priest Stones
40 10 Priest Medals
50 11,000 Marbles Per Mentee Level-up

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