The Control's on Luminary Online is not that user friendly, however players can customized their keys with the keybinds system. With these the buttons can be customized according to their liking.

Button Function
Escape [ESC] Toggle Server / Character Change
ALT + Q Toggle Quest Window
ALT + W Toggle World / Mini Map
ALT + E Toggle Equipment Window
ALT + T Toggle Mentor Window
ALT + I Open / Close Inventory (Bag)
ALT + O Toggle Game Settings
ALT + P Take a screenshot
ALT + A Toggle Character Information Window
ALT + S Toggle Skill Window
ALT + F Toggle Friendslist
ALT + H Open Help Window
ALT + L Toggle PvP League Window
ALT + Z Toggle Infinity Box Window
ALT + C Toggle Artisan Window
ALT + V Toggle Resident Information Window
ALT + B Toggle Spirit Information Window
ALT + M Toggle Magic Window
Left Click Move / Interact / Attack
Right Click Toggle other player's option / View Player Options
Mouse Hover Cursor Movements
Mouse Wheel Scroll Bars / Scroll Informations
Shift + Left Click Command Pet to Attack
F1~F5 Use Keybinds / Hotkeys
F6 Summon / Unsummon Battle Doll
Insert Sit / Stand

To edit Keybinds / Hotkeys go to:

Menu > System > Settings > Set My Menu

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